Balding Male Celebrities

Male celebrities who are going bald

It's not just us mere mortals who suffer from baldness and thinning hair - some of the most well known faces on the planet also suffer from hair loss, and in this special post, we take a look at some of the balding celebrities around at the moment and measure them on the Norwood Scale.

Chris Martin

The Coldplay front man has always had slightly thin looking hair, and recent evidence suggests that he is beginning to recent at the temples. Chris Martin does not suffer from a severe case of baldness, and has shown a steady loss through a long period of time. We'd measure him at Norwood 2.

Matt Damon

The Hollywood actor is not someone you would usually associate with hair loss, but the signs are now beginning to show that Matt Damon may not have the luxury of holding onto his locks for much longer. With slight receding at the temples and general thinning on top, Matt also falls into Norwood 2 category.

Enrique Iglesias

This may disappoint a few ladies out there, but yes, Spanish singing heartthrob Enrique Iglesias is indeed losing his hair. In fact, Enrique seems to have been losing his hair for quite some time, in reference to some images taken of him quite a number of years ago. We think Mr. Iglesias either wears a wig or has resorted to hair surgery. Either way, we think Enrique falls into Norwood 3+ category.

Ben Affleck

With constant rumours of Ben Affleck having had a hair transplant, again it is hard to put an exact measurement on where he falls on the Norwood scale. With slight receding at the temples and heavier thinning on the crown region, we'd place Batman at an estimate of Norwood 2.

Rafael Nadal

The tennis superstar, Rafa Nadal, has clearly been thinning for a few years, and the pattern doesn't seem to have slowed down. Rafa has not receded as such, but rather thinned across the whole scalp. Unless Rafa goes for surgery, we predict he'll lose all his hair well before he reaches 40. Nadal currently stands at Norwood 4+.

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