October Hair Loss Picks

The Best Hair Loss Products for October

Each month we aim to bring you our top ten hair loss products and treatments recommendations. This month, we look at some treatments that are ideal to take during the approach of the colder months. Many hair loss sufferers underestimate the importance of taking extra care of their hair during the chilly season. To get the very best out of your hair, it is crucial to keep your hair health routine strong, during the season when damage and hair fall can be commonly found.

So, in no particular order, here are the ten recommendations for the month of October...

1. Biotin & Collagen Shampoo, by OGX.

You may have come across this shampoo at your local pharmacy store or supermarket. We rate this shampoo as on of the very best in the business, and what's more, it's also very affordable at just £5 a bottle, which should last you a good four to five weeks. Biotin and Collagen are key hair growth factors that are essential for maintaining healthy hair growth. Be sure to try this shampoo if you are looking to get more out of your hair.

2. Derma Roller.

The derma roller has demonstrated excellent results in men and women suffering from thinning hair. This device is cheap (can be purchased for under £10) and provides you with a non-surgical, simple process that is quick and pain-free. By massaging the thinning areas of your scalp with these micro needles, many users have reported stimulation in hair growth where previously lost. It won't work miracles, but the derma roller is definitely worth a shot.

3. Biotin.

We have covered Biotin on this website previously, and we stand by this potent yet safe vitamin. Biotin, known as the growth agent, is an essential vitamin that should be taken to avoid hair fall and help promote hair growth. Be careful not to take too much in your daily intake, especially if you are using other supplements with Biotin dosages. 5000mcg of Biotin per day should more than suffice.

4. Protein Hair Cream.

Giving your hair generous amounts of protein could make the difference between keeping or losing your hair over time. Protein can be taken or used in many forms, but we recommend trying a cream this month. Protein Cream can help your hair avoid breakage and damage, helping to strengthen it and make it less prone to falling out.

5. Kirkland Minoxidil.

It really doesn't matter what brand you use, as long as it's minoxidil that really is all that matters. If you're looking to save your pennies then we'd recommend giving Kirkland liquid minoxidil a try. Minoxidil is FDA approved and has worked for many men and women in their battle against hair loss. You'll need to be patient and give the treatment at least six months before any noticeable results show. Many hair loss sufferers use minoxidil in conjunction with other hair health products for better effects.

6. HR23+ Hair Supplement.

Voted the best hair health product, HR23+ is a solid supplement that has achieved amazing results in men and women who suffer from early stages of baldness and thinning hair. Containing 23 key hair beneficiary ingredients, HR23+ is designed to prevent hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth. If you're looking for a multi-tasking supplement for your hair, then strongly consider trying HR23+.

7. Hair Building Fibres.

It really doesn't matter what brand of hair fibres you use - it all depends on what works for you. Hair building fibres offer men and women an excellent solution or concealing bald patches and thinning areas on the scalp, and they're not noticeable.

8. Saw Palmetto.

Saw palmetto is a potent North American plant that has shown positive results in blocking DHT. Although a safe ingredient, we would always recommend taking saw palmetto in relatively low dosages (250mg per day), and to avoid completely during pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you are using hair health products that do not contain saw palmetto, then it is definitely worth using a pure saw palmetto supplement on the side.

9. TRX2 Serum.

If you are keen to avoid minoxidil and it's potential side-effects, then opt for a safer option like TRX2 Serum. Brought to market this year, TRX2 Serum contains a good blend of scientifically tested ingredients that can help slow down the fall of hair and encourage stronger hair growth. TRX2 Serum is still new to the market, but with such few competitors in the hair serum market, could this be the one we have been waiting for?


NUTRAFOL is another one of our favourite supplements that contains excellent ingredients that can help stop the fall of hair and promote the rate of growth. This popular supplement has gained good reviews from its male and female users, but be warned, NUTRAFOL is by far the most expensive product on our list.

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