An Essential Hair Care Guide for Women

A Hair Care Routine for Women

Studies suggest that over 40% of women suffering from some form of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 40. A good hair care regimen should be an essential part of your daily routine to help you get the very best our of your hair, and prevent common hair loss conditions such as female pattern baldness and alopecia. So, here are four key tips for preventing hair loss and thinning hair.

Go easy on the conditioner

Women tend to have this obsession with using conditioner, but too much of it can actually do more damage to your hair than good. Yes, a good conditioner can give your hair that gleaming shine and silky look, but they also tend to make your hair look thinner, and cause the strands to become fragile. If you're set on using conditioner but don't want your hair to suffer, then perhaps limit your usage to just two times a week, maximum.

Don't overuse hairstyling products

Hairstyling products like mousses, sprays and dyes will not cause hair loss conditions such as female pattern hair loss, but they can cause severe damage to your hair if used too much. And if you suffer from thin hair, the last thing you'll want is damaged strands. Try and opt for less harmful hairstyling products, and try to prevent using them daily, if possible. Remember, a little goes a long way when it comes these types of products, so for the sake of your hair, use less.

Always blow-dry your barnet

Ok, let's get one thing straight - blow-drying your hair does not lead to premature hair loss. So, if you want to add some extra thickness to your hair, then partially dry your hair with a towel straight after your shower, then add a tiny amount soft textured mousse to your hair, rubbing in evenly. Blow-dry your damp hair whilst running your hands through your locks to add texture and depth to your fuzz. Remember to break up your blow-drying by switching from hot to cool mode, to help prevent unnecessary hair damage.

Take hair vitamins

Potent hair health vitamins like Biotin, Zinc and Retinol are excellent nutrients for your hair. What you can't get in your daily diet, you can get by taking key vitamins for hair health. Safe yet potent hair supplements such as HR23+ and NUTRAFOL contain a key blend of ingredients that actually work to prevent hair loss and promote stronger, healthier hair growth.

Not all hair loss treatments achieve what they claim on the bottle, so in order to get the best possible treatment that can work for you, be sure to choose a natural supplement or topical formula that contains key hair beneficiary ingredients such as retinol, biotin and green tea extract. Additives like these can help strengthen your hair and block the dreaded formation of pattern baldness. Remember, the earlier you act, the better chance you will have of retaining a thicker head of hair in the long run.

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