The Worst Things About Losing Your Hair

A lot of men suffer from hair loss - and when we say a lot, we mean a heck of a lot.  Did you know that over 60% of men will suffer from some type or stage of hair loss by the age of 40?  That's quite an astonishing statistic, and it is little surprise to see so many men resorting to treatments and transplants in order to stop the balding process.

So, what particular factors do men hate about going bald?  Here, in no particular order, are the five most common reasons men just absolutely loathe losing their hair...

1.  I seem to be balding earlier than all my friends

Whether you are visiting long lost friends or distant relatives, the outcome is pretty much the same - they all seem to have their hair, and they'll notice that you are losing yours.  That alone can be the most demoralising thing about losing your hair - it's a type of sympathy from others that you really just do not want!

2.The slow and painful process

Male pattern baldness is not always a quick process - it can be slow, and can play on your mind for years.  The worst thing about balding slowly is that people will notice and comment on your receding temples at different stages throughout the balding process.  It's like a constant reminder that you will eventually have no hair.

3. The shaved head look

It's a look that you never wanted, and a style that never once appealed to your image - the shaved head.  When all is receded and gone, the most commonly taken step for men is to get the clippers out and shave it all off.  The problem is, it was never something you really wanted to do, and you still feel physically sick when you see guys walking past you in the street with thick, luscious locks.

4.Why didn't I act earlier?

That feeling of regret when you knew you should have acted earlier, but now it's too late.  So many men regret not treating their hair loss as a young adult, and as they approach their thirties, the options become limited.  Once you exceed Norwood 3, the chances of preventing hair loss and regrowing any new hairs are very minimal.

5.Women won't fancy me any more!

The biggest concern for young men losing their hair is that they fear they will also lose much of their attractiveness.  While it is true that most women do like their man to have a full head of healthy hair, that does not mean many other women do not find bald men attractive.  It really does depend on the individual, but suffering from hair fall can lead to serious mental conditions such as paranoia, low self-esteem, and depression.

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