5 Ways to Prevent Female Hair Loss

How can women prevent baldness and thinning hair?

Baldness and thinning hair is pretty soul-sapping for most people, but for women in particular.  Let's face it, no woman wants to have thin, patchy hair, therefore we've come up with a viable solution to help many women prevent hair fall and maintain a good, thick head of hair.

Now, it should be noted that these key tips will not likely cure female pattern baldness, but they can help with the problem and minimise the effects of shedding, at the very least.

1.  Know how and when to wash your hair

There are so many contradicting myths about shampooing and conditioning your hair and its relation to hair loss.  The truth is, we're all different, and how frequently you wash your locks depends on your hair and scalp type.

Hair and scalp specialist, Dr Sharon Wong, says "Shampooing is important to remove dirt, grease and dead skin cells from the scalp and hair, and conditioning your hair after shampooing nourishes the fibres. Incorporate a weekly deep condition/hair mask treatment, especially if you dye or style your hair regularly."

2.  Lay off the chemicals

Dying, styling and over-brushing your strands will not cause female pattern baldness, but like most things in life, excessive can be bad, and in this case, using styling products and dyes excessively can lead to shedding, which isn't particularity great if you already suffer from thinning hair.

Cut down on your styling products, especially if they are not natural.  Chemicals can seriously damage your hair, therefore make sure the products you use are natural and organic.  The kinder you are to your locks, the better chance you will have of maintaining it.

3.  Eat and live well

Like every single aspect of your body, follicle cells require all the nutrients of a well-balanced healthy diet. This includes lean proteins, good carbohydrates and fats, along with key vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional deficiencies and crash diets are a common cause of hair thinning and shedding. So, get your diet in place, eat well, be healthy, and your hair will begin to flourish in no time at all.  For a breakdown of good hair foods, see our article 10 Foods That Prevent Hair Loss.

4.  De-stress

Stress is one of the main causes of shedding, particularly in women.  It's easier said than done, but finding a way to de-stress yourself is crucial if you want to maintain your beautiful locks.

Getting active is an excellent way to relieve stress.  Go for long walks, take up yoga, or even burn some energy at the gym.  The healthier you are, the healthier your hair is likely to be.  Plus you'll look and feel a whole lot better too!

5.  Manage your hormones

Another common time of hair loss in women comes during or directly after pregnancy.  Many women tend to shed considerably during this time, and it can be quite an upsetting experience.

Be sure to seek advice from your doctor about ways to counteract the effects of severe shedding. Make sure you know what you are dealing with, and consider safe and natural hair supplements to help regrow hair.  See our Supplements for Treating Hair Loss article for more information of this.

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