Kirkland Minoxidil Foam for Hair Growth

What is Kirkland Minoxidil Foam?

By K Ashton.

Kirkland Minoxidil Foam is a topical treatment for hair loss in men. This 5% solution is exactly the same as the more well known brand, Regaine/Rogaine. The active ingredient, Minoxidil, is FDA approved for treating baldness and thinning hair.

Kirkland Foam can help regrow hair lost through pattern baldness as well as preventing further hair loss. It is available as both a foam and a solution and is typically sold at 5% strength. Kirkland’s product is significantly cheaper than Regaine, but is medically identical.

Kirkland Foam has been clinically proven to help regrow hair in men suffering from early stages of male pattern baldness. This unscented foam can revitalize hair follicles where previously lost.

Foam or Liquid?

Many men choose to use the foam due to it drying almost instantly after application. The liquid can take up to an hour to dry property, and it also leaves the hair looking greasy. Both products fall into the same price bracket.

What's the difference between Kirkland and Regaine?

Kirkland and Regain foams are identical. The only difference is the price. Kirkland is around half the price of Regaine, making it much more affordable. Regaine does not have a liquid form, therefore you could also argue that Kirkland is a more diverse brand.

Where can you buy Kirkland Foam?

Kirkland 5% Minoxidil Foam can easily be purchased via a number of online distributors, including Minoxidil Direct. You can also make even larger savings by purchasing in bulk ie 3 month to 6 month supplies.

kirkland minoxidil review

Does Kirkland Minoxidil Work?

I became quite sceptical about using minoxidil after my poor experience from using Regaine a few years ago, but after reading positive reviews about the Kirkland foam, I decided to give it a shot, just so I could cancel out minoxidil, if nothing else.

To my astonishment, this stuff isn't actually too bad. I have been using it for the most part of a year, applying it in and around the slightly thinner areas of my scalp, and I have not missed one application. Heck, I even used this product when I was away on holiday.

Ok, so it's not a miracle formula that cures hair loss over night, but I can certainly see some new vellus hairs popping through around my hairline and crown region. Now, when I say popping up, I mean ever so slightly - not near as much to be noticeable, but even so, there is new hair where I had previously lost it, so technically Kirkland Minoxidil does work.

I certainly don't expect this product to get my hair back to how it was when I was 18, as the results are minimal, but, it is a rather pleasant sight seeing new hairs pop up, of which I have not seen for over ten years!

Will I continue to use this product? Because it's so cheap (three bottles for £20), I probably will keep using it, but maybe not every day, as I did experience slight headaches.

The only other treatment I used when trying Kirkland was the usual HR23+ hair health supplement and my tried and trusted Biotin shampoo by OGX. It's a pretty decent combination that seems to only benefit the hair by helping me decrease hair fall and increase hair growth.

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