The 5 Best Ways To Deal with Female Pattern Baldness

Dealing with hair loss: 5 key steps to take 

Dealing with thinning can be a very emotional thing to go through for a woman, so finding a solution can be quite daunting. We all want to find the best possible treatment for hair loss that is convenient, safe, and affordable, but things don't always work out like that - especially when it involves something as complicated as female pattern baldness.

The bad news is that there is not a cure for any type of hair loss condition, but the good news is that baldness can be treated, and there are certain steps that can be taken to help prevent the rate of hair fall and thinning. If you are worried about female pattern baldness, then be sure to follow these five key steps...

1. Act fast! 

Give yourself the best possible chance of tackling thinning hair by acting as early as you can. Statistics show that women who act quickly end up having healthy growing air for longer. The sooner the act, the better chance you are giving yourself of preventing the rate of thinning hair.

2. Know your hair loss type

Many women make the common mistake of putting hair loss into one category.  The truth is, there are loads of categories for hair loss, and your thinning hair could be down to a number of different things. Over 40% of women suffer from some stage of baldness and thinning by the age of 40, but the actual type of hair loss varies considerably.  Know what type of alopecia you suffer from and then seek help and advice accordingly. Knowing your condition will enable you to find the right treatment which works for you individually.

3. Research

Be sure to conduct your own research on the subject of female hair loss conditions. The more you know, the better placed you'll be to find a good treatment. Many women have found effective treatments for their hair due to their knowledge base.  Teach yourself about how hair loss works and how it can be tackled safely and effectively.  A good knowledge of the subject will put you in a stronger position to find the best treatment possible.

4. Worry less

The more you worry about losing your hair, the quicker it will probably fall out. Worrying about your hair 24/7 can lead to ill-health and mental issues like depression. So, however demoralising it may feel, stay positive and try to remain optimistic about finding a solution to the problem.

5. Live and eat well

It's so true what they say - you are what you eat - and this doesn't only apply to your body weight and skin tone. A healthy lifestyle will ultimately lead to healthier hair, therefore make sure you eat your hair foods and take your daily vitamins.
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