Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments: #44 Help Hair® Shake

#44 Help Hair Whey Protein Shake

HELP HAIR® Shake is a Low Anabolic Protein that has all the supplemental nutrition to promote Healthy Hair. You can work out safely with our product and enjoy fuller, thicker looking hair in 4-6 months.

Unlike any other product, Help Hair Shake and the entire product line is based on over 110 scientific references. This product was developed based on 1000’s of patients’ feedback. Dr. Shapiro developed a product line that feeds your hair internally by restoring the proper protein balance and vitamin support for the hair follicles.

Many Whey protein shakes cause hair loss. But, Help Hair® Shake is a Whey protein shake for hair growth because it has been specially formulated with all the Hair Vitamins to grow hair faster without the side effects of hair loss. 

A recent New York Times article shows protein is essential for hair growth. Hair Vitamins alone will not grow hair however they do assist in the bodies absorption of protein for the hair. Protein is important for the hair since it adds the amino acids and building blocks to support the structure and function of Hair.

For its uniqueness and innovation, Hair® Shake makes it onto our list at 44. for more information and to purchase this product, please visit

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