Treatment Plan for Baldness

Treatment plan for baldness and thinning hair

Most of us are still trying to establish what kind of treatment plan works best for our balding problems. The hair loss treatment market continues to grow and is now estimated to be worth well over £2 billion. So, with a wide array of products to choose from, here we have come up with a hair loss treatment plan that might just work for you...

a - Hair invigorating shampoo

Start (or end) your day with a good shampoo that contains excellent hair ingredients.  We'd recommend trying Biotin & Collagen Shampoo by OGX - one of the best on the market, and very affordable at just £7 per bottle.  This thick solution will act at the root of your hair, helping promote healthy growth and strengthen any weakened strands.  This shampoo offers exceptional value for money.

b - Hair vitamins

Feed your hair with the best multi-vitamin supplement out there, HR23+ hair capsules.  This potent yet safe formula is packed full of hair health ingredients such as folic acid, green tea extract, biotin, and other key vitamins, along with DHT blcoking properties such as saw palmetto.  Taking the right vitamins should be an essential part of your hair care routine if you are serious about holding onto your hair for longer.

c - Leave in conditioner

Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment is a leave-in conditioning treatment designed to solve problems with hair that is prone to breaking or splitting, and for heat styled hair. It works by smoothing the hair cuticle and reduces friction from brushing that can damage the hair. Hair is strengthened and less likely to split, break or snap, and become dry and damaged. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment has an exclusive Interbond Conditioning System with a complex of proteins, lipids and ceramide to help strengthen and reinforce the cuticle, as well as protective resurfacing.

d - A topical serum

A lot of people like to mix it up when it comes to treating their hair.  We would suggest adding a topical serum to your treatment plan, to compliment the other products you are using.  there are a number of good topical serums for treating baldness, but we would suggest trying LA Science Serum.  It contains a good range of ingredients, it's safe and relatively affordable.

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