Why December is Bad for Your Hair

The worst possible things about December for your hair

For most of us, December is our favourite month of the year - with Christmas on its way, it is the time to share with close friends and family.  But unfortunately for our hair, the festive season can come at a cost.  So, we've compiled a list of things that makes December a terrible month for the health of our locks...

The cold climate is bad for our hair

Cold winter weather literally pulls moisture out of your hair, leaving you with extreme dryness that can sometimes lead to dandruff.  The rapid change from the cold outdoor climate to the warmth of indoor central heating can also have a negative impact on your hair, leaving prone to shedding and splitting.   So, be sure to moisturise your hair every morning with a good hair cream or styling application.

Partying hard can affect your hair

We all like to party hard and celebrate the festive season with friends and family, but very few of us realise just how damaging this can be for our hair. We tend to eat unhealthy, sugary foods and drink a heck of a lot more than normal during the lead up to Christmas, which in turn can damage our follicles.  You are what you eat, and the same applies to the state of your hair.  So, be sure to keep on top of your hair care routine by taking some vitamins for your hair during this crucial period.

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Sweating can damage your hair

Perspiration can severely damage your strands. Sweat is a combination of water and salts, plus some protein. When hair gets wet, it's easily stretched and damaged. The salts in it can cause hair to lose colour faster, therefore sweat can dry out your scalp and prevent new hair growth.  We actually sweat quite a lot during the month of December - more than many of us realise, therefore staying on top of your hair care routine should be even more essential during this time of year.

Styling products can drain hair strands 

We go out more during the festive season, and going out leads to getting dressed up and styled more often.  More hair styling means more product in our hair - which results in more punishment for our locks.  Now, we're not suggesting that styling your hair will lead to baldness, but like anything in life, using too much of something can have a negative impact.  Just try and not go overboard with the styling products - it is important that you give your follicles time to breathe during an already stressful time of year.

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