5 Reasons Why November is Good for Your Hair

Why is November good for your hair?

We value our hair more than most things in life, and most of us are continually trying to maintain a good head of healthy hair. November happens to be a good month for hair health, and here, in no particular order, are the five main reasons why...

1. We shed less in mid-autumn

Most of us experience the most severe shedding at the start of autumn, but this only usually lasts for a matter of weeks. As the temperatures begin to drop, our hair goes into recovery mode and therefore begins a new cycle of growth, in preparation for winter. November is a time when many of us will experience fuller, stronger, faster growing strands.

2. We eat better hair foods

Eating the right nutrients can play a huge role in the health of your follicles, and luckily for those of us with thinning locks, there are a number of excellent hair foods that happen to be in season during November. Key foods such as avocados, apples, broccoli and cabbage, all play a key role in the health and maintenance of our strands, and they're all widely available during mid-autumn.

3. Our hair recovers quicker

Autumn tends to be a season that starts off windy, and then actually develops into a rather calm, tranquil time of the year. We spend more time indoors during November than any month of the year, and this means less stress on our locks. Even for those of us who are active, the calmer climate of this month helps the hair strands to go into a resting phase, which then results in stronger hair growth.

4. There are loads of discounts on hair products

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday planted firmly near the end of November, this offers many of us the chance to grab a bargain or two - and in this case, on the usually expensive hair loss treatments and products. It's a great time to stock up for the festive season, so we can worry less about our hair and focus more other people and having fun.

5. We stress less

Believe it or not, November is one of the months when most of us stress less, and scientists have claimed that severe stress can play a significant role in hair loss. With the festive season on its way, November tends to be a happy month when spirits are high and attitudes are generally calmer - and that can't be a bad thing for our hair.

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