What is the Best Type of Treatment for Baldness?

How to effectively treat hair loss and thinning hair

There are literally thousands of treatments and products for hair loss and baldness, varying from prescription drugs to surgical procedures.  We've covered and reviewed a wide range of these treatments throughout the Hair Loss Review Centre, but we now want to take a closer look at the three main types of treatments for hair loss.

The three most popular 'treatments' for baldness are shampoos/conditioners, topical serums/foams and orally consumed supplements.  The reason these are the three most popular forms of treatments is due to the fact they are affordable, safe to use, and easily accessible.  Although some of these products can be highly effective for combating thinning hair, not all of them are necessarily effective.

Here, we take a look through these three popular types of hair products and evaluate which one is likely to be the most effective for treating hair loss and thinning hair...

Hair Growth Shampoos

The oldest form of hair loss treatment is the shampoo.  Hair 'growth' shampoos have been in our faces since advertising started, and even today, without FDA approval, we see a broad range of brands such as Alpecin and Head & Shoulders pumping out ads that tell us how their shampoos can give us thicker, fuller, stronger hair growth.  Advertising standards has cracked down on false claims in recent years, but there are still many brands that are finding ways around it.

In truth, shampoos will not solve the problem of baldness.  Some shampoos can be more effective than others, but you would need to let a formula settle into the scalp for a certain period of time for full effects.  Shampoos do not solve this issue because they need to be washed out within a couple of minutes of application.

Hair Growth Serums

This leads us on to topical solutions for hair fall.  Unlike the shampoo, with most serums and foams, you are required to apply the solution onto the scalp and then leave in for four to five hours.  This is of greater benefit than the shampoo, because you are allowing the ingredients to settle into the scalp over a long period of time.

There are some naturally formulated serums on the market than seem to be giving users positive results, but on the whole, there isn't a particular stand-out serum with an extremely high proven track record.  Developers still have a lot of work to do in order to find an effective topical treatment for alopecia.

Hair Growth Supplements

And finally, we come to the fastest growing and most popular form of natural hair loss treatment, the supplement.  Multi-vitamin hair supplements like Nutrafol, Viviscal and HR23+, are becoming major players in the market, and this trend does not look like ending any time soon.

"People are experiencing really positive results from using hair health supplements, and even though they do not cure baldness, there are a few really good supplements out there that seem to be slowing down and even halting the process of thinning hair." - Specialist, A. Aziz.

Many of us lack the sufficient nutrients and minerals to generate and maintain healthy hair growth. That's where vitamins come into play.  A good multi-vitamin hair supplement gives us the daily intake of vitamins and minerals required for healthy hair.  Some products of this nature can even stimulate new hair growth.   Multi-vitamin hair supplements also offer a safer alternative to the potentially damaging prescription drugs such as Finasteride.

To Conclude... 

Natural treatments should be strongly considered if you're looking to avoid the harsh FDA approved hair treatment drugs like Finasteride and Minoxidil.  A shampoo, serum or supplement will not cure hair loss, but if you suffer from early stages of balding and thinning hair, then these are the types of products you should be trying, in order to slow down and halt the process.

For the best results, we would recommend you taking a good multi-vitamin hair supplement with the addition of Biotin, Zinc, Saw Palmetto, and Vitamin C (make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients), coupled with a potent serum with similar ingredients that can potentially work in conjunction with the supplement.  Shampoos are unlikely to have any effect on your hair loss, but using an Argan Oil based formula certainly won't do your hair any harm.

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