Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments: #1 Skalp (Scalp Micropigmentation)

#1 Skalp (Scalp Micropigmentation)

It's smart, affordable, it provides a great solution for men and women who suffer from baldness and patchy alopecia, and it has revolutionised the whole hair loss treatment industry.  Skalp uses micropigmentation to help men and women look and feel a whole lot better about losing their hair.

So, what exactly is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

SMP consists of having your scalp tattooed with tiny dots that resemble the appearance of stubble, which gives you the appearance of having a shaved head. Unlike a hair transplant, there’s no invasive surgery, no scarring and no down time.  What's more, this procedure can also be done on women who suffer from patchy symptoms of alopecia and thinning at the parting region of the scalp.

Losing hair can be one of the most soul-sapping things to go through for most of us, but even for those of us who are not overly bothered about hair loss, Skalp offers a viable solution for everyone - and correcting a receding hairline or/and a balding crown is just the start of what the Skalp procedure can actually do. 

The Treatment 

Skalp have a number of clinics scattered across the UK and US.  Typically you can expect three sittings on average. The first treatment is just the foundation, with a layer of tiny dots spanned across the entirety of the bald areas. The second treatment provides the next layer of the tiny dots. The second treatment fortifies the work done in the first session. The third session added another layer of tiny dots.  For the most part, this treatment is painless, but some pain may be experienced at the third stage, but more of a bearable pain.

Who Should Use Skalp?

For guys who already shave their head or have gotten used to having closely cropped hair, Skalp provides an immediate, cost effective and perfect solution to hair loss backed up by great staff, a great approach and a great after sales service. Scalp Micropigmentation is a great solution to hair loss and male pattern baldness.

This treatment not only gives the cropped look for men, but women who suffer from patchy bald spots and thinning scalp can also use the Skalp treatment to great effect.  Skalp is diverse enough to cater for many kinds of hair loss needs, including longer hair. 

How Much Does Skalp Cost?

Treatment cost depends on the level of pigmentation required, but as a guide 3 treatments for a Norwood scale level 3-4 pattern balding will cost around £2000 and full coverage of a completely bald head will cost £3000 plus VAT.  This may seem expensive, but if you compare it to a hair transplant at up to £30,000, you really are getting great value for your money with Skalp, and you're also solving your hair loss problem instantly!

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