New Year Tips for Better Hair

Top tips to achieving better hair in 2018

Most of us tend to worry about our hair at the turn of the new year, and it's no coincidence that hair care products and treatments experience the most sales during the first month of the year.  When it comes to our hair, if there is a time to act, it is usually now.

So, to get your new year off the the best possible start, in no particular order, here a some handy tips that will help get your strands in tip top shape for the new year ahead...

Try new products

You've probably got a set of products and treatments that you are happy with, and as effective as your hair care routine may be, there is no harm in trying new products on your locks.  Many of us tend to close off the possibilities of trying new things when it comes to looking after our follicles, but to get the very best out of your strands, it is always a good idea to freshen things up by trying something new.  Don't underestimate how many different products are out there.

Protect your hair this winter

For many of us, the turn of the new year is slap bang in the middle of winter season.  Winter can play absolute havoc on our strands, leaving them dry, damaged and flaky. This can be countered with a good hair care routine that is specifically catered for the colder months of the year.  Bear in mind that seasonal shedding is process that differs with each individual, so if you are prone to shedding more hair in winter, be sure to treat your locks with high-protein solutions.

Don't panic!

With so many of us worrying about our hair in January, the thing to remember is not to panic! When it comes to treating baldness, the biggest mistake many of us make is that we are far too quick to try every product and treatment under the sun, without any knowledge of what they actually do.  When treating hair loss, you need to be calm and considered.  Do your research and settle on a simple hair care routine that stands the best chance of helping you halt the balding process.

Act fast

If you have noticed your hair getting thinner, or receding at the temples, then we would strongly recommend that you act fast.  The longer you leave the issue of balding, the less chance you will have of preventing hair loss.  So, be sure to seek advice from a specialist, research some potential treatments, and start making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  The healthier you are, the better your hair will be. And just remember, if you are starting to lose your hair, don't worry because there is a solution out there for just about everyone.

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