Why Do We Worry About Hair Loss in January?


New Year, Same Old Worry... 

Why is it that so many of us worry more about our hair in January than in any other month of the year?  January is not just a month for gym memberships, diet plans and new jobs - it is also a very lucrative month for hair loss treatment companies and services.  

Do we suffer from hair loss more during the turn of the new year, or are we just more prone to worrying about baldness after the festive season?  Here, we bring you a list reasons why so many of us worry about our hair the most during the month of January. 

A time for reflecting

So many of us tend to do a lot of reflecting at the turn of the new year - how we can improve ourselves, our lives and our relationships with others around us, and as a result, this process makes us look at ourselves long and hard. January is a time for 'doing', and trying to prevent hair loss is no different to joining a gym and shifting the weight we gained during the festive rush.

Constant exposure to adverts

Many hair care companies tend to heavily advertise their products and treatments on TV and across the internet during the first month of the year. So, even if hair loss was ever the slightest of concerns to you, it will likely become a much bigger worry for you when you are constantly seeing hair loss adverts every day. 

Low self-esteem

You might not know it, but many of us are at our lowest in the first couple of weeks of the new year. After a care-free festive season, the turn of the new year brings us back to reality, and much of that reality is facing up to our worries, including trying to deal with balding and thinning hair. 

An optimistic outlook for the new year

The best way to counter low self-esteem is to be optimistic, and that's one of the reasons why hair loss treatments sell so well during January.  Many of us want to act fast and take control of our new year resolutions, and that includes things such as weight loss, health, career progression, and of course hair loss. 

We notice more hair fall in January

It's true what they say: Your hair is what you eat. Well, your hair is actually what you eat, drink and how you live, to be precise.  The vast majority of us tend to indulge for three to four weeks of the festive season, and we roll into the new year a few pounds heavier and a lot less healthier.  If you eat junk food, drink lots of alcohol, and avoid daily exercise, then it's not only your health that suffers - it's your hair too! 

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