The Complete Hair Care Kit by Hims

Four potent hair loss solutions for men

Hims is a combination of products that covers all the base, with four formulas that are designed to combine to help prevent the rate of hair fall and increase the amount of healthy growth in men.

Decent hair care products are hard to find these days, so it is very refreshing to see four come along at once, from the same brand.  The Complete Hair Care Kit by Hims does not contain anything that is revolutionary, and it certainly isn't a cure for male baldness, but these are good products for hair loss, and they can work well when used in conjunction with each other.

So, what are the four products, and how exactly can they help with male pattern baldness and general hair health?  Here, we take a look at each of the products in Hims's Complete Hair Care Kit...

Finasteride is FDA approved

Finasteride, more commonly branded as Propecia, is a medically approved pill that treats hair loss in men.  This potent drug does not cure the effects of baldness, but it can help stop the pattern of shedding and help increase the rate of hair growth in men who suffer from early stages of thinning hair.  Finasteride does come with some potential side-effects such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, and skin rash, but as a hair loss treatment it has proved to be quite effective.

Minoxidil is the only medically approved topical hair loss treatment

There are literally thousands of topical hair products, and that's not including shampoos, but the only one that is FDA approved for treating baldness is minoxidil.  Minoxidil is branded under quite a few lines on the market, most notably Regaine (Rogaine in the US), with 5% solution for men and 2% solution for women.  This formula will not produce miracles, but it can help regrow some lost hair caused by pattern baldness and seasonal shedding.

A DHT blocking Shampoo

There has not been any scientific study that conclusively reveals any form of shampoo to treat hair loss and thinning hair.  However, there are certain shampoos that can help minimise the effects of baldness and shedding.  Hims Shampoo contains DHT blocking properties ketoconazole, pumpkin seed oil, and saw palmetto, along with other key ingredients that claim to help slow down the effects of hair fall.

Hair Vitamins for healthy hair growth

Multi-vitamin hair health supplements have become increasingly popular with men and women who are trying to tackle hair loss safely and effectively.  These types of products are a safe alternative to the potentially harsher pills in the form of finasteride.  Hims Hair Vitamins is a simple formula that contains a number of key vitamins including Biotin - to help aid the growth of healthy hair.  Taking this supplement daily can benefit your hair, and help make it healthier.

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