Top 50 Hair Loss Treatments: #6 Nutrafol® Men

#6 Nutrafol® Hair Supplement for Men

Nutrafol® has vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and adaptogens that address stress and inflammation, so hair follicles can be triggered to grow healthy and strong…which can kick-start strands to grow in about 3 – 6 months.

Nutrafol® Men is packed with effective ingredients that can help prevent the effects of male pattern baldness and early stages of shedding. The formula is one of the best on the market, and it ranks as one of the most innovative overall supplements of its kind for Men.

Nutrafol® Men is one of the most expensive products of its kind on the market, at $88 / £65 per bottle (one month supply). However, the additives are amongst the best of any hair health supplement within this competitive industry.  The vast majority of men looking to treat thinning hair, would not be able to afford this supplement on a monthly basis.

Nutrafol is still relatively new to the market, but the customer reviews look positive so far, which is a plus point for this brand. Nutrafol® Men is not the easiest product to get hold of, as it is still unavailable to purchase outside the US.  It is unclear why.

You can read more about Nutrafol® Men or make a purchase (US only) from the official website.

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