Brotzu Lotion: A Topical Treatment for Hair Loss?

The much anticipated  'Hair Growth Lotion' is nearly here... 

We first heard about Brotzu lotion back in 2016, and with all its promise, it has become one of the most anticipated products in the hair loss community.  If you've not heard about Brotzu lotion, then here's a brief recap of the product and what it is all about...

Brotzu lotion (or cream) is supposedly meant to benefit patients who are battling baldness. It is not a real cure for balding and hair loss, but nevertheless, a potential alternative to existing hair loss medications Finasteride and Minoxidil.

The inventor of the product is 83 year-old respected vascular surgeon, Dr. Giovanni Brotzu, and he is set on an official market release this year. However, the patents for the Brotzu lotion and its potential future release are both in the hands of Fidia Farmaceutici, that sponsored the trials of the treatment. This could see a delay in the release of the cream.

The lotion is said to work on different types of baldness. This includes hair loss caused by poor diet, hereditary factors, some diseases, medical treatments, hormonal changes, and stress. It is claimed this lotion can not only stop the rate of hair fall, but it can also increase hair growth.

No prescription will be needed to acquire this lotion, however, it is unclear whether it will be released as a medication or a cosmetic. It is still unclear as to what ingredients will be used in the formula, but all should be revelaed once the patent is confirmed.

In all likeliness, Brotzu lotion will be a cosmetic product, NOT a medical treatment for male or female pattern baldness.  Trials would need to show clear signs of curing factors for it to be labelled as a treatment.

The product is said to only exist in lotion form. There has been no mention of sprays, foams or jelly. This product comes with a lot of hype, but there is little-proven evidence of it actually working. Very few images have been released. There have been many years of trials, and its commercial release keeps being postponed.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as and when this cream goes to market.

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