A New and Improved Formula for Hair Growth

A new and advanced formula designed to prevent hair loss and support hair growth

One of the fastest growing hair growth supplements is in the process of developing its formula for even better results.  HR23+ is improving its popular hair health supplement, with purer extracts, for optimal blend and performance.

With the new developments, and slight tweaks in the formula, HR23+ believes it will cement its place as the leading hair health supplement on the market.

Let's take a deeper look into the situation, and asses what this product is and how exactly it will be tweaked and developed for the benefit of male and female hair loss sufferers.

What is HR23+?

HR23+ is a hair health supplement that is designed to help prevent common causes of hair loss, and support the growth of healthy hair in men and women suffering from early stages of baldness and thinning hair.  This supplement is made in the UK and distributed worldwide.  The product has a customer satisfactory rating of 90%.

HR23+ was launched in December 2014, and officially brought to market in early 2015. It has since gone on to become the fastest growing product of its kind in Europe.  HR23+ also have a serum that contains a consistency of ingredients with the capsules, but does not need to be taken in conjunction with the supplement.

What will be the difference between the current formula and the new one?

There will not be any major changes to the current formula. In fact, the ingredients and dosages will stay the same, for the most part, but some of the extracts used will be 'purer'.  A statement from the company goes on to say:

"Our formula has been successful for over three years, but that doesn't mean we're about to sit on our laurels. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to develop and improve the product. This is a very competitive market, and science is developing very quickly - that's why we want to stay ahead of the game and keep bringing our customers the very best product for their hair."

They go on to say: "We have been been testing a few things out, and in order to improve our formula, we've gone for purer extracts, and we've also added nettle leaf to the ingredients list. This has been found to work well with saw palmetto in blocking the formation of DHT."

So, why are HR23+ making these changes to the formula? 

Company statement: "We are not changing the formula, but rather developing it, and taking it to the next level.  We've had some great feedback from our customers who have been experiencing amazing results from using our supplement. But users who are happy with the supplement should not worry, because our new batch will not in any way shape or form affect its performance. If anything, the performance will now improve".

When is the 'new version' of HR23+ available to purchase? 

The new batch will be available to purchase in October 2018, but you will be able to pre-order in mid-September. So we asked, why such a big gap in time from the old formula to the new one?

"The popularity of our supplement is growing week by week, but even we didn't anticipate how quickly we would sell out of our previous batch.  We've been particularly busy over August due to it being Hair Loss Awareness Month, and now we are entering the autumn shedding period, so people have been stocking up."

For more information on HR23+ hair supplement, visit the official website

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