Summer Guide for Hair Loss

Learn how to prevent hair loss during summer season

Seasonal hair loss occurs in most of us, and many of us tend to shed the most hair during spring and summer seasons. The problem isn't just down to seasonal hair loss - in fact, there are many factors that cause our strands to be weaker and prone to falling out during the hotter months of the year.

Do we lose more hair in the summer?

We all experience some sort of hair shedding on a daily basis, but you might start noticing a few extra hairs clogging up your shower drain around the hottest months of the year. This will most likely be down to seasonal hair loss, but there are other factors that contribute to this.

Research suggests that many of us enter a resting phase for the hair follicle during summer season, which means that the hair is extra prone to shedding, damage and falling out.

Seasonal Hair Loss

When our hair is exposed to hot weather, as much as 70 percent of strands can prematurely enter this resting phase, leading to more hair shedding than normal. This is why many men and women tend to suffer from more hair fall during July and August, and this pattern can often continue into the autumn season.

If you suffer from seasonal hair loss then you should not worry about this, as it is a perfectly normal process that the vast majority of people go through. It is not ideal, as no one wants to lose strands, but it is part of a normal cycle.

As your hair sheds, new hair regrowth occurs as well. As long as you are not noticing actual balding or thinning to your hair, new hair will regrow and your hair will be fine. If you are thinning and your hair is not regrowing, then this is not seasonal hair loss - it is more likely to be pattern baldness, which you should seek help to try and treat.

Other causes of summer hair shedding

Seasonal hair loss is common, but not everyone suffers from it.  Severe thinning in summer can also be caused by other key factors, some of which may surprise you.  To tackle shedding, you must first know what is causing it, and here are some of the more common reasons why so many of us tend to lose so much hair in summer season

Exposure to the sun

Some people believe that stress caused by excessive sun and hot weather can lead to Telogen Effluvium, a condition which causes short-term hair loss. This is only a temporary form of hair loss, but it can prove to be quite damaging, especially if you are already prone to hair loss.

How to counter this?  More and more people are using sun block on their hair. Applying a good SPF non-grease lotion to your strands will help protect against the harmful sun rays, a bit like how you protect your skin. It also keeps your hair hydrated, which is key for healthy hair growth.

Excess sweating

Naturally, we sweat more during the hotter months of the year, and this can cause havoc on our hair. Excess sweating on the scalp dampens the hair, and the excess salt dries the strands, which makes for a damaging combination.

How to counter this?  Stopping the sweating completely will be near impossible, but dry shampoos with added moisture can help keep the scalp dry and free from excess sweat. Also, if you have long hair, then be sure to keep any ponytails loose, because tying your hair back too tightly can cause unnecessary sweating. 

Active lifestyle 

We tend to be far more active during summer time, but unfortunately this can lead to excess shedding. It is said that the majority of us neglect our beauty routine when we are more active, which means our hair can suffer for it.

How to counter this?  Be active, by all means, but be sure to keep your hair protected during your exertions. In order to avoid any extra shedding, it is highly recommended to protect the follicles by wearing a hat, taking vitamins and not to change oral contraception methods or go on an extreme diets.

Transitioning into Autumn

For most people, the most potent phase of hair loss will start to occur in August as the weather begins to cool, but it may start even earlier for some people.

The scalp holds onto the hair during the sunniest months to protect the head from the sun. Then in the latter part of the summer/early autumn, it naturally begins to fall away.

It should be noted that different parts of the world will have different peak hair shedding seasons based on the time of the year, and their seasonal changes and temperatures.

Anti-hair loss products to try

Just to recap on this article, here are some carefully selected anti-hair loss products to try this summer, to help you get the best from of your hair i.e. prevent excess shedding and maintain healthy, stronger hair growth. 

1. SPF Hair Protect Spray - Keep your hair protected from the harmful sun rays with a daily SPF lotion.  This can help reduce shedding and damage caused by the sun but up to 40%.

2. Hair Texturising Spray - A hair texturising spray will help keep your strands compact, strengthened, protected and less prone to damage.

3. Hair Vitamins - A good multi-vitamin hair supplement will give your strands all the right nutrients for healthy hair. Some multi-vitamin hair supplements can help reduce shedding and increase the rate of hair growth.

4. Organic Shampoo - Be sure to use a natural shampoo for your hair, especially during the shedding phase. Chemicals can be harsh on the strands, so always opt for an organic shampoo, which is kinder to your locks.

5. Dry Shampoo - Using a dry shampoo will help keep your scalp dry, which combats excess sweating, thus preventing unnecessary damage to the hair. 

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